Monday, September 15, 2008

You have got to listen to this!!!!

Snow, Glass, and Apples. I found it when searching the web for some more Neil Gaiman stories, websites, etc. It's a recording of the story with voices by Bebe Neuwirth as the Queen ; Martin Carey as the Huntsman; Mark Evans as the Prince; Merwin Goldsmith as the Lord of the Fair; J.R. Horne as the Archbishop & Friar; Alissa Hunnicutt as the Maidservant; Randy Maggiore as a Soldier; Kate Simses as the Princess; Nick Wyman as the King.
I wish it was longer but it's a short except of 9Mins and 40Sec. in length and it is riviting to listen to. Of course if you haven't read the short story seen in Neil Gaimen's Smoke and Mirror you've missed a spooky treat and have been living under a rock. I would recommend you read the story first but who I'm I to delay a treat. (Warning: Do not read if A: You love the beloved story of Snow White; (Disney version or otherwise.), B: Alone by yourself in a room with only one light on, or C: If your depressed and it's winter. (I kinda think in any version of Snow White that Step-mother just isn't destine to have a happy ending.)
Go, go on, give it a listen.

Thanks Salon.Com!


Chris (R-NY) said... I thought you had brains as well as beauty., you disappoint me.

clueuin said...

Hey it had Neil Gaimen's Snow, Glass, & Apples. I would have gone to Satan himself if he had a copy I could listen to!
Tell me did you at least listen to it? After all you like the ladies right? So at least listen to Bebe Newbeith speak would be worth it to you,huh? Come onnnnnnn!

(We actually I would'nt go to Satan. I've actually learn to stay away from the mother. Maybe one of the lesser demons, do you think that Dick Cheney has a copy. ;) :P