Tuesday, September 30, 2008

411 Tibit- It's all about me!

Well I've done it!
I've finally decided to bite the bullet and put up a blog exclusively dedicated to my poetry.
I've also put in a little fine art and culture that I've found here abouts on the net.
So look to your right and you'll find another favorite blog, mine! (Tee, hee!)
I didn't want anyone to get confused and think that I've taken down all my favorite blogs list.
It's still there! All you have to do it scroll down and see it on the right, it's with other little things to entertain and sometimes educate on all the goodies the web has to over.

I hope you guys enjoy my other blog as much as you've enjoyed this one. (I say to my one follower and a couple of guys who've visted but see to want to make the commitment to be one of my followers.) I guess I have too work even harder to get more people to get out of their comfort zones. Maybe I'll just write more posts here that will simulate people enough to spread the word.

Meanwhile, take a look at this blog site and the other one called:

Clueuin's Poetry Corner

The Addy: wwwmrclueuinbrooklynrulesArtPoetry.blogspot.com

The managment is not responsible for any fingers that fall off in the process of typing this addy.
Please cut and paste.


Friday, September 26, 2008

A 411 Tidbit- Art On The Commons, MetroTech

I'm bummed. Here I am all ready and set to tell you about the great time I had at MetroTech; located near Flatbush Exstention and it's raining. (9/26/08)

But I guess I can cheer myself up by telling you about the mini-concerts on the Commons that happens every Friday, weather permitting of course (sigh), and how I enjoyed the Salsa Combo that played there last week and the R&B Jazz combo that played two weeks ago.
If your ever there and you want to have lunch there is the place to be. Of course lil'ole me usually just brings her lunch to one of the tables there located in the heart of the commons.
Note: If you like wearing birkenstocks and such you might want to sit at one of the park benches located in the perminiter of the Commons parks as in the center there's no grass but a gravel filled plane and the gravel tends to get into your shoes.

Otherwise you'll have a good time there. Now as for you lucky, lucky, few who have the change to buy your lunch there are several good cafes and resturants there. Every once in awhile I like to go to the Chinese fast food place that serves food by the weight, their General Tso Chicken is great. Don't get the friend chicken wings there though, they're just not crisp enough.
All this talk about food is making me hungrey. [Rustles thur her pocketbook] Sigh! I guess it's tea and peanut sandwiches for me folks!
Whenever you get a chance go down to Metrotech and enjoy the sencenory if nothing else.
This is Clueuin giving you the 411. I'm out folks! [Mumbling: Dang, I know I had a doller somewhere in my purse, where is it!?]

4 Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3858
T 718 488 8200
F 718 403 1650

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A 411 Tidbit-National Stay at home week

Next week in National Stay at home week. (No I did not make this up folks!)
Now it beats me why anyone would want to stay at home, (says the person who likes staying at home and reading instead of going out to bars and such for booze and a bad pick up line. LOL), but in case you do here are some friendly suggestions to do while your staying at home.

If you've got kids
Buy lots and lots of bored games. Parcheesi, Monopoly, whatever! Because if you think you're going to convince your kids to stay at home and not watch t.v you're out of your blinking minds!
I babysat my sister's two boys, (for no reason apparently because I was informed quiet clearly by my sister's teen age young adult girls that they do it quiet well and that I wasn't needed. Thank you very much.), and believe me even with the T.V on those little hamburgers still found their way into trouble. One of them even banged into the t.v thereby messing up the cable reception, twice! (And they wonder, my mom and aunt mostly; and are asking me why don't I have kids. Huh!)

If your a couple (with no kids)
Go for a walk. (See blog post below.)
Some of my most romantic times with my boyfriend in High School was when we would walked to the park then find a park bench to snuggle at. (Good times! Sigh.)
Make love
Had a boyfriend in college. He had a one track mind. Great for when your bored and have nothing to do, not so great when your trying to study for exams. But since I don't think that my audience have the same issues that I was having, go ahead, knock yourself out!
Play Strip Poker
Fun game, don't invite the friends over. O.k?
Watch T.V
After all it's not National Don't watch T.V Month. What you want to make love like minks all week! What you don't have to go to work or something! LOL

If your alone
Ok as far as I can see you can do one or two things.
1. Go out, get drunk, or get a guy. (Haven't done that since 5 yrs ago. Wasn't all that great. Drunk sex=Bad Sex. (Hence the not looking for a man phase for the last 5yrs after that. Celibacy aian't it grand! Sigh!)
2. Read a book or watch T.V

Well enjoy your PC sponsored holiday folks, I'll be back tomorrow with some 411 on where to go and what to do here in good ole NYC. (Outside of course!) ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

A peek into Clueuin- The Writer, The Bonvibont, The Journeywoman!

I was at one of my favorite sites (Kensington (Brooklyn) ) when someone mentioned that though I was a funny ole thang, they didn't get that from reading my blog. It was then I realized that I didn't put as much as myself into my writing as I usually do. But let me let you into a little secret........

I usual don't put to much of myself into factual writing, it's in my poetry and short stories that I usual put myself as much as possible. (Mostly in my poetry since it's self-inspection and my own observations. I'm on a spelling roll today, peeps! I've just spelled observations without sounding it out in my head or using the spellcheck. Ya me!) Meanwhile I haven't really mastered the art of inserting to much of my wacky humor, my sense of the sublimely, (well there goes my spelling roll), ridiculous, but to be fair some of what I write is purely objective, and some of what I write is my feelings on a subject that is near and dear to me, so you won't be seeing so much the yuck, yucks, in some of my blogs. But stay tuned you never know!

So that you can get a little peek into the mind of this writer I've decided to give you some insight into who I am, without getting into to many details of course. ;) (Sorry kids can't give you to much details or the next thing you know there will be flowers on my doorstep and crazy people with my name carved into their arms. (Of course not many people get my sense of humor, so of course you've just been warned!)

Let's start with something outside of my profile and go inside my profile from time to time to explain somethings.

I am currently semi-employed. What do I mean by semi-employed? Well it's like this people I am currnetly at a job-search site looking for working and they pay me a stipend in order to help me pay my bills. (Ahh the life of the intenerient artist!) I have had many, many, many, jobs mostly in telemarketing, (Me ducking my head and saying; "Please don't hurt me."), and recently in telecommunications, (i.e customer service). But these jobs if you lack the skills in butt kissing that I do, (and I do lack those skills people, I's a spirtual activist but I's never said I'm a good one!), never last for very long. I do love talking to people and helping people as much as I can.

Now despite the bad grammer back there I 'm college educated, (as much good as it did me), and I'd like to think I am a well read person though to tell the truth I've limited my reading lately to the odd Haliquin Romance and Sci-fi/fantasy books of late. Books I've read in the past are Catcher in the Rye, The Pearl, Fall of the House of Usher, (pretty much all of the works of Edgar Allan Poe really that should tell you where my head is at.), I know why the Caged Bird Sings, and many, many, many, more classics that I just don't have the time to go over. (Any minute my instrutor will buzz by and ask what the hell I'm I doing this aian't no job search, sooo...)

When I mentioned in my profile that I like to go for walks in Parks and in my neighborhood, what I meant was I like exploring outside of it. When I think of a neighborhood I think of the familar places that one gets used to over time. I.e The Grocery store where I always shop, (The Met), the corner store where I get my junk food or sometime my loosies, (no I'm not telling ya'll where my loosie shop is! Remember the potencial crazies on my doorstop?), or the laundrymat where I do my laundry.) So around, around, the familar I go everyday, sometimes a girl get's bored and so I walk.

I walk down toward Midwood where all the nice houses are with the nice porches and the even nicer lawns. Then I find myself on Foster Avenue near Newkirk where that really good pizza place is made by third or fourth generation Italians, (still can't remember the name but go there people, the directions are on one of my blog post, so go look), afterwards it's homeward bound back up Midwood past Ocean Avenue and back to the old neighborhood. (Like I was going to give you that much of a clue to where I live, you silly peoples you!)

Then I go into my building, make myself a lunch, afterward take a smoke of my favorite ciggerette (Newport, though from time to time I have smoke Dunhill, I have exspensive tastes), watch t.v and plan my next adventure. I have always belived in go outside my comfort zone. Maybe it's because of my American side; my dad was a communist and a bit of an intellegencia, plus a part-time political activist, he was a writer of poetry as well, and he took me places outside my comfort zone of East New York Brooklyn on the days it was his turn to have custody. My Dad took me to musuems, Operas, musical concerts, and fine but cheap resturants then when the weekend was over he took me home to honking cars, people sitting on their stoops talking, girls playing double dutch, and loud Jamicain Regga (which I loved and still do, I also love Calipso music and Pop music, much as I love the Classical music vibe that was a gift from my father and believe it or not *my mom who was house proud and wanted the best for her childern so she got me piano lessons.)

Whew! If you let me get away with it I will explain my whole life in asides, (using prerenthes), so do me a favor. Whenever you see me do that to much pull my coattails, o.k? I've been known to get on many a English Teacher's nerves doing that for term papers and essasy. Bad enough I'm a writer that doesn't spell very good, but oye the pararenthes! ,( <--- Is that spelled right?) Anywho, that's enough of a glimpes of who the hell Clueuin is as a Writer, A Bonvibont, and a Journeywoman. Stay tuned for more of my blog post's of things outside your comfort zone of Brooklyn. Bon Vonage!

P.s You might see more about my childhood reminices if your really, really, good! I'm no Ron Lopez but I'll try to give you a peek now and again. *(My mom doesn't always come out looking all this good in my childhood memories so this is one of the good ones.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miserable in Minority, Happy in Majority. My Wellspring may have sprung a leak.

Well I was going to write about Sunday's Book Fair in Brooklyn yesterday but I was still fuming about what had happen at my Church. We had a vote on Homecoming Sunday for a new Reverend and there were some people who were happy with the vote. Then there was some that were, let's just say less than happy. While it's been awhile since I've been to my church I have been following what has been going on via e-mail Newsletters and such. So when I heard about our committee's choice for imcumbent, I decided to give him a look and listen.

(Since I have a feeling some of my readers may either pratice another religion, or might not give a tinkers darn either way I won't bore you with the details about our new Reverend. Of course at this point those who know where hence my wellspring springs from it may be a spoiler for those who do give a tinkers darn. Opps, my bad!)

Before the proceeding votes were taken we were given a briefing on how it would be done. Our church uses a process called Parliamentary procedure (For more info. Go to this Wikipedia Webpage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parliamentary_procedure.)
Needless to say I found this definition slightly humorous and Ironic considering what followed :
At its heart is the rule of the majority with respect for the minority. Its object is to allow deliberation upon questions of interest to the organization and to arrive at the sense or the will of the assembly upon these questions.[1] Parliamentary procedure is used in organizations of self-governing people to conduct debate with the least possible friction in order to as efficiently as possible make group decisions. These decisions are usually determined by voting.
Not to many of the minority in which I was one felt as if the Effect of this style of voting had it's chosen impact. In short I felt as if the Majority had little respect for the minority and some of many fellow churchgoers could atest to the question of the least possible friction part not really happening. It was as if the Majority was saying, "Hey, we waited long enough for a new Reverend, there have been plenty of meetings on this subject as far as we're concered, and we would like to get the voting started so we could hurry up and go home to our Sunday dinners." (Or football games as the case may be!)
Some of us had more than just Sunday dinners to go home to and some of us didn't feel as if a couple of meetings were enough to get to know a Reverend. To be straight with you guys there is nothing wrong with him personality wise as far as I could see, I just thought what my church didn't need was a younger version of the previous Reverend. (I liked our old Reverend and respected very much, plus I was just a little depressed to see him retire. But hey the man worked hard so.....)

Anywho this is how the vote went for those who care. (Those who don't think of it as a window to the voting process, it might come in handy. You never know!)

By a vote of 455 to 66, with 33 abstentions.

I wanted my vote to count so I voted......
.....Now that would be telling wouldn't it?
(Mind you I did give you enough clues as it is.)

I would just like to end this blog post with a codicil : The Lord said; "Judge not others, lest ye yourself be Judged." So in that vain I'd like to ask for forgiveness. (To those who do give a tinkers darn.)
And ask for your indulgence, (for those who don't).


Monday, September 15, 2008

You have got to listen to this!!!!

Snow, Glass, and Apples. I found it when searching the web for some more Neil Gaiman stories, websites, etc. It's a recording of the story with voices by Bebe Neuwirth as the Queen ; Martin Carey as the Huntsman; Mark Evans as the Prince; Merwin Goldsmith as the Lord of the Fair; J.R. Horne as the Archbishop & Friar; Alissa Hunnicutt as the Maidservant; Randy Maggiore as a Soldier; Kate Simses as the Princess; Nick Wyman as the King.
I wish it was longer but it's a short except of 9Mins and 40Sec. in length and it is riviting to listen to. Of course if you haven't read the short story seen in Neil Gaimen's Smoke and Mirror you've missed a spooky treat and have been living under a rock. I would recommend you read the story first but who I'm I to delay a treat. (Warning: Do not read if A: You love the beloved story of Snow White; (Disney version or otherwise.), B: Alone by yourself in a room with only one light on, or C: If your depressed and it's winter. (I kinda think in any version of Snow White that Step-mother just isn't destine to have a happy ending.)
Go, go on, give it a listen.


Thanks Salon.Com!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Willamsburg: Welcome to the 21 Century!!!!!

It's all cool really, to believe in what you want to believe in that is why I call myself a Spritual Activist. I'll be the first @itch on line to defend anyone's right to pray, meditate, sing, jump up and down in airports, whatever! I'm not perfect, sometimes I slip, then I just pray or meditate or joke about my flaws, ask God to forgive me and move on. But some people think that their religions viewpoint is the only viewpoint that matters. I guess it's o.k when it's inside your home, at your church, sometimes those people get lucky and get whole blocks of like minded indivduals to impress their religious viewpoint on each other. Like the Amish, the luckless people in Texas, or our friends in Williamsburg. So at this point your wondering what had gotten me on this tear. Well I'll tell you, in fact I'll show you.

(Saw this little bute in the New York Post this morning. This my friends is one Genuine No holds barred Genifried Neighborhood. Told you Kensington and maybe sometimes Flatbush isn't as bad as some neighborhoods. But enough of my blabbing, read on.)
It's the Hasids vs. the hotties in a Brooklyn bike war.
Leaders of South Wil liamsburg's Hasidic community said yesterday that bike lanes that bring scantily clad cyclists - especially sexy women - peddling through their neighborhood are definitely not kosher.
The red-faced religious sect is calling on city officials to eliminate the car-free lanes on Wythe and Bedford avenues, and to delay construction of a new one planned for Kent Avenue.
enjoy and discuss friends, enjoy and discuss)
To my friends in Williamsburg,
I say this:
Welcome to the 21 Century!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Little Slice of Poetry.

Here is a small sampling of some of my poems.
I also write Short Stories but more about that later.

Issues #1


(You Figure it out!)

Issues #2

First there was the Void.
Then there was the Word.
Then there was God.
Then there was the Universe.
Then there were the Planets.
Then there were the Waters.
Then there were the Plants.
Then there were Animals (lets not forget the dinosaurs).
Then there were Human Beings.
Then there began Civilizations.
With Cites, Farms, and Suburbs.
Then there came Wars.
Then there came Births.
Then there came Death, practically cousin to the void.
And then there came confusion because where in all
Of this does Chaos come in?
I’m confused.

Issue # 3

You see what you want to see.
You say whatever you want to say.
You believe what you want to believe.
And no one can tell you otherwise.
But you can't tell me who I am
No matter what!

No Apologies

No Apologies
I turned my head.
The Apology was on my lips.
But then you were to rude to admit,
that accidents can happen.
No Apologies

There is a fight for my soul.
Let me know who’s winning.

Trying to catch the spirit

Went to Church the other day.
Had me some church yesterday.
It was a Wedsday Prayer Meeting.
They call it something else but
No matter what they call it,
It was an old-fashion prayer meeting.

Trying to catch the spirit.
What a funny thought!
Made me think of a person
Trying to jump up and down
With there hands out stretched
Trying to catch a pale ghost
That is going around the room.

Well there I was singing
And a praying when I
Couldn’t help noticing
A lot of people jumping
Up and down. The usual
Hand waving and sing
And repeating that would
Usually go on at one of
Those storefront churches.

Trying to catch the Spirit.
Huh, more like grabbing
at a ghost that wasn’t
there. It wasn’t that I
was cynical or anything.
Just mildly annoyed.

I felt like it was peer pressure
at it’s best and worst.
I wanted to have the ghost
fill my soul but all I could
feel was gladness for the company
and the joy of enjoying the music.
Sang as if I had it though.

“Give me that old tyme religion, give
me that old tyme religion, that filled
me way back when.”

Kind of made me feel lefted out
there for a minute then I felt I’d failed
somewhat. Till then something came
over me. Disgust (at myself) and bemusement
(at some others). I was enjoying myself wasn’t I?
Let others jump up and pretend that they were
catching ghosts. My ghost was in my joy

Trying to catch the spirit.

Real Cheap Indian Eats!!!!

Some people like the cool normalcy of a salad bar at lunch time, others like their Italian-American fare, a little tomato sauce here, a little motzaralla here, nice and herby. While some people like me like it nice and spicy. Maybe it's my Jamacian background or maybe sometimes I just like to go from cool to hot in 0 to 60, something to just wake me up. So when I feel like something hot and cheap; ('cause I's a poor writer ba-by!), here are just some places I like to go around New York.

Whole Foods: 14 Street Union Square- They sell it by the pound ba-by, 6.99 to be exact. Everything from Chickpea Masala to Curried lamb. Ignore the fact you have to get past ill-mannered Manhattanites who seem to be acting like they were raised by wolfes, in order to get to the hot food bar in the back. It's worth it ba-by.

Fisherman's: Newkirk Avenue- Have a taste of the Island mon, right by the Newkirk Q Train. They have fried porgies and Steamed Snapper that will make you wish you had some nice Red Stripe to go with. (Sorry boys, no alchol liesence!) But hey their not just fish! They have grill chicken that they grill right in the front window. Good price, nice atomosphere and above all their affordable. Which is all this writer can ask for when she has some extra change and doesn't feel like cooking.

Stay turned for more cheap eats in this blog.
Note: Fisherman's- Not it's full name but you can't miss it, you come out of the Q train station
to your right, can't miss it. Hell, don't miss it!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The best keep secert in Brooklyn. Should it be kept?

I was hunting around the World Wide Web, looking for a place to live. I had saw a neighborhood while riding the 103 bus and thought it looked kool. It had reminding me of my college days when I was in Manhattan. Hanging around Greenwich Villi age, with my Brooklyn street wise ways and my 'I've been living in Florida for the past year' Naivete. Well anyway I found out the place name is call Kensington and on the web their is a website called Kensington (Brooklyn); (WWW. Kensingtonbrooklyn.blogspot.com.)
It seems however not everything in Kensington is all sunny and bright. No folks it's not all Coffee Shops and busy nail salons. The word here is gentfrication and there are some who think that there is too much of a bad thing.
As I'm currently living in East Flatbush, I was puzzled at the range of ideas that sprang forth. One was that there was too many 'white' people, and the other that the hipsters and yuppies had taken over the place. Living as I was five years ago in Harlem and Alphabet City, I don't believe that they understand the true meaning of genfrication. From what I saw Kensington is a mixed neighborhood seldom seen in these New York streets today.
In East Flatbush you see Caribbeans and Senegalese take over a place with a couple of African-Americans in between; in Williamsburg , Hasidic Jews and Hipsters have a way of making you feel as if your a stranger in a strange land and will you please leave, meanwhile in Park Slope the yuppies there like to pretend that anything east of Atlantic Avenue doesn't exist.
I feel that Kensington feels and acts like a place where all are welcome, (if of course you can pay the high rents, still modest by Manhattan standards. Meanwhile I'm paying 1000.75 in East Flatbush so the rent argument that seems to crop up as one of the reasons African-Americans are getting pushed out seems to be quite weak. (Full discloser: I'm African-American/Caribbean.), and I for one would not feel uncomfortable about moving in.