Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Real Cheap Indian Eats!!!!

Some people like the cool normalcy of a salad bar at lunch time, others like their Italian-American fare, a little tomato sauce here, a little motzaralla here, nice and herby. While some people like me like it nice and spicy. Maybe it's my Jamacian background or maybe sometimes I just like to go from cool to hot in 0 to 60, something to just wake me up. So when I feel like something hot and cheap; ('cause I's a poor writer ba-by!), here are just some places I like to go around New York.

Whole Foods: 14 Street Union Square- They sell it by the pound ba-by, 6.99 to be exact. Everything from Chickpea Masala to Curried lamb. Ignore the fact you have to get past ill-mannered Manhattanites who seem to be acting like they were raised by wolfes, in order to get to the hot food bar in the back. It's worth it ba-by.

Fisherman's: Newkirk Avenue- Have a taste of the Island mon, right by the Newkirk Q Train. They have fried porgies and Steamed Snapper that will make you wish you had some nice Red Stripe to go with. (Sorry boys, no alchol liesence!) But hey their not just fish! They have grill chicken that they grill right in the front window. Good price, nice atomosphere and above all their affordable. Which is all this writer can ask for when she has some extra change and doesn't feel like cooking.

Stay turned for more cheap eats in this blog.
Note: Fisherman's- Not it's full name but you can't miss it, you come out of the Q train station
to your right, can't miss it. Hell, don't miss it!!!

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