Friday, September 26, 2008

A 411 Tidbit- Art On The Commons, MetroTech

I'm bummed. Here I am all ready and set to tell you about the great time I had at MetroTech; located near Flatbush Exstention and it's raining. (9/26/08)

But I guess I can cheer myself up by telling you about the mini-concerts on the Commons that happens every Friday, weather permitting of course (sigh), and how I enjoyed the Salsa Combo that played there last week and the R&B Jazz combo that played two weeks ago.
If your ever there and you want to have lunch there is the place to be. Of course lil'ole me usually just brings her lunch to one of the tables there located in the heart of the commons.
Note: If you like wearing birkenstocks and such you might want to sit at one of the park benches located in the perminiter of the Commons parks as in the center there's no grass but a gravel filled plane and the gravel tends to get into your shoes.

Otherwise you'll have a good time there. Now as for you lucky, lucky, few who have the change to buy your lunch there are several good cafes and resturants there. Every once in awhile I like to go to the Chinese fast food place that serves food by the weight, their General Tso Chicken is great. Don't get the friend chicken wings there though, they're just not crisp enough.
All this talk about food is making me hungrey. [Rustles thur her pocketbook] Sigh! I guess it's tea and peanut sandwiches for me folks!
Whenever you get a chance go down to Metrotech and enjoy the sencenory if nothing else.
This is Clueuin giving you the 411. I'm out folks! [Mumbling: Dang, I know I had a doller somewhere in my purse, where is it!?]

4 Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3858
T 718 488 8200
F 718 403 1650

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