Tuesday, September 30, 2008

411 Tibit- It's all about me!

Well I've done it!
I've finally decided to bite the bullet and put up a blog exclusively dedicated to my poetry.
I've also put in a little fine art and culture that I've found here abouts on the net.
So look to your right and you'll find another favorite blog, mine! (Tee, hee!)
I didn't want anyone to get confused and think that I've taken down all my favorite blogs list.
It's still there! All you have to do it scroll down and see it on the right, it's with other little things to entertain and sometimes educate on all the goodies the web has to over.

I hope you guys enjoy my other blog as much as you've enjoyed this one. (I say to my one follower and a couple of guys who've visted but see to want to make the commitment to be one of my followers.) I guess I have too work even harder to get more people to get out of their comfort zones. Maybe I'll just write more posts here that will simulate people enough to spread the word.

Meanwhile, take a look at this blog site and the other one called:

Clueuin's Poetry Corner

The Addy: wwwmrclueuinbrooklynrulesArtPoetry.blogspot.com

The managment is not responsible for any fingers that fall off in the process of typing this addy.
Please cut and paste.


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