Monday, September 22, 2008

A peek into Clueuin- The Writer, The Bonvibont, The Journeywoman!

I was at one of my favorite sites (Kensington (Brooklyn) ) when someone mentioned that though I was a funny ole thang, they didn't get that from reading my blog. It was then I realized that I didn't put as much as myself into my writing as I usually do. But let me let you into a little secret........

I usual don't put to much of myself into factual writing, it's in my poetry and short stories that I usual put myself as much as possible. (Mostly in my poetry since it's self-inspection and my own observations. I'm on a spelling roll today, peeps! I've just spelled observations without sounding it out in my head or using the spellcheck. Ya me!) Meanwhile I haven't really mastered the art of inserting to much of my wacky humor, my sense of the sublimely, (well there goes my spelling roll), ridiculous, but to be fair some of what I write is purely objective, and some of what I write is my feelings on a subject that is near and dear to me, so you won't be seeing so much the yuck, yucks, in some of my blogs. But stay tuned you never know!

So that you can get a little peek into the mind of this writer I've decided to give you some insight into who I am, without getting into to many details of course. ;) (Sorry kids can't give you to much details or the next thing you know there will be flowers on my doorstep and crazy people with my name carved into their arms. (Of course not many people get my sense of humor, so of course you've just been warned!)

Let's start with something outside of my profile and go inside my profile from time to time to explain somethings.

I am currently semi-employed. What do I mean by semi-employed? Well it's like this people I am currnetly at a job-search site looking for working and they pay me a stipend in order to help me pay my bills. (Ahh the life of the intenerient artist!) I have had many, many, many, jobs mostly in telemarketing, (Me ducking my head and saying; "Please don't hurt me."), and recently in telecommunications, (i.e customer service). But these jobs if you lack the skills in butt kissing that I do, (and I do lack those skills people, I's a spirtual activist but I's never said I'm a good one!), never last for very long. I do love talking to people and helping people as much as I can.

Now despite the bad grammer back there I 'm college educated, (as much good as it did me), and I'd like to think I am a well read person though to tell the truth I've limited my reading lately to the odd Haliquin Romance and Sci-fi/fantasy books of late. Books I've read in the past are Catcher in the Rye, The Pearl, Fall of the House of Usher, (pretty much all of the works of Edgar Allan Poe really that should tell you where my head is at.), I know why the Caged Bird Sings, and many, many, many, more classics that I just don't have the time to go over. (Any minute my instrutor will buzz by and ask what the hell I'm I doing this aian't no job search, sooo...)

When I mentioned in my profile that I like to go for walks in Parks and in my neighborhood, what I meant was I like exploring outside of it. When I think of a neighborhood I think of the familar places that one gets used to over time. I.e The Grocery store where I always shop, (The Met), the corner store where I get my junk food or sometime my loosies, (no I'm not telling ya'll where my loosie shop is! Remember the potencial crazies on my doorstop?), or the laundrymat where I do my laundry.) So around, around, the familar I go everyday, sometimes a girl get's bored and so I walk.

I walk down toward Midwood where all the nice houses are with the nice porches and the even nicer lawns. Then I find myself on Foster Avenue near Newkirk where that really good pizza place is made by third or fourth generation Italians, (still can't remember the name but go there people, the directions are on one of my blog post, so go look), afterwards it's homeward bound back up Midwood past Ocean Avenue and back to the old neighborhood. (Like I was going to give you that much of a clue to where I live, you silly peoples you!)

Then I go into my building, make myself a lunch, afterward take a smoke of my favorite ciggerette (Newport, though from time to time I have smoke Dunhill, I have exspensive tastes), watch t.v and plan my next adventure. I have always belived in go outside my comfort zone. Maybe it's because of my American side; my dad was a communist and a bit of an intellegencia, plus a part-time political activist, he was a writer of poetry as well, and he took me places outside my comfort zone of East New York Brooklyn on the days it was his turn to have custody. My Dad took me to musuems, Operas, musical concerts, and fine but cheap resturants then when the weekend was over he took me home to honking cars, people sitting on their stoops talking, girls playing double dutch, and loud Jamicain Regga (which I loved and still do, I also love Calipso music and Pop music, much as I love the Classical music vibe that was a gift from my father and believe it or not *my mom who was house proud and wanted the best for her childern so she got me piano lessons.)

Whew! If you let me get away with it I will explain my whole life in asides, (using prerenthes), so do me a favor. Whenever you see me do that to much pull my coattails, o.k? I've been known to get on many a English Teacher's nerves doing that for term papers and essasy. Bad enough I'm a writer that doesn't spell very good, but oye the pararenthes! ,( <--- Is that spelled right?) Anywho, that's enough of a glimpes of who the hell Clueuin is as a Writer, A Bonvibont, and a Journeywoman. Stay tuned for more of my blog post's of things outside your comfort zone of Brooklyn. Bon Vonage!

P.s You might see more about my childhood reminices if your really, really, good! I'm no Ron Lopez but I'll try to give you a peek now and again. *(My mom doesn't always come out looking all this good in my childhood memories so this is one of the good ones.)


Chris (R-NY) said...

clueuin said...

Thank you. :)
Of course this might be a little ole hoax on your part, but hey what's life without a little adventure?


clueuin said...

Gotta go!

mrMacky11218 said...

Nice read Cluein.

I must say, I'm still kind of confused on what i said in particular that might have caused something..

take care.

clueuin said...

Just a spark that leads a writer to thinking and sets a wave of inspiration.