Friday, September 12, 2008

Willamsburg: Welcome to the 21 Century!!!!!

It's all cool really, to believe in what you want to believe in that is why I call myself a Spritual Activist. I'll be the first @itch on line to defend anyone's right to pray, meditate, sing, jump up and down in airports, whatever! I'm not perfect, sometimes I slip, then I just pray or meditate or joke about my flaws, ask God to forgive me and move on. But some people think that their religions viewpoint is the only viewpoint that matters. I guess it's o.k when it's inside your home, at your church, sometimes those people get lucky and get whole blocks of like minded indivduals to impress their religious viewpoint on each other. Like the Amish, the luckless people in Texas, or our friends in Williamsburg. So at this point your wondering what had gotten me on this tear. Well I'll tell you, in fact I'll show you.

(Saw this little bute in the New York Post this morning. This my friends is one Genuine No holds barred Genifried Neighborhood. Told you Kensington and maybe sometimes Flatbush isn't as bad as some neighborhoods. But enough of my blabbing, read on.)
It's the Hasids vs. the hotties in a Brooklyn bike war.
Leaders of South Wil liamsburg's Hasidic community said yesterday that bike lanes that bring scantily clad cyclists - especially sexy women - peddling through their neighborhood are definitely not kosher.
The red-faced religious sect is calling on city officials to eliminate the car-free lanes on Wythe and Bedford avenues, and to delay construction of a new one planned for Kent Avenue.
enjoy and discuss friends, enjoy and discuss)
To my friends in Williamsburg,
I say this:
Welcome to the 21 Century!


Chris (R-NY) said...

Ha, perv joos, now I have seen everything.

Most of my friends are gun loving, right wing nut jobs.(ask NY Nerd) I don't think you would want them around here.

clueuin said...

O.k no worries,mon. You don't have to bring them. I'll go and bother Ron and dem.
And oh, their not pervs,hypocrites maybe,(if the NY Post Post opinions are anything to go by), but pervs, ah, no.
I just think it's funny that so many people like to isolate themselfves in order to pratice their religion. God is everywhere.
Of course with the Atheist it's their morals that are everywhere since they carry them with them wherever they go. [To my Atheist friends out there. Don't want to leave them out.)
Hey did you read my lastest Issue poem?
Thanks for stopping by.