Monday, September 8, 2008

The best keep secert in Brooklyn. Should it be kept?

I was hunting around the World Wide Web, looking for a place to live. I had saw a neighborhood while riding the 103 bus and thought it looked kool. It had reminding me of my college days when I was in Manhattan. Hanging around Greenwich Villi age, with my Brooklyn street wise ways and my 'I've been living in Florida for the past year' Naivete. Well anyway I found out the place name is call Kensington and on the web their is a website called Kensington (Brooklyn); (WWW.
It seems however not everything in Kensington is all sunny and bright. No folks it's not all Coffee Shops and busy nail salons. The word here is gentfrication and there are some who think that there is too much of a bad thing.
As I'm currently living in East Flatbush, I was puzzled at the range of ideas that sprang forth. One was that there was too many 'white' people, and the other that the hipsters and yuppies had taken over the place. Living as I was five years ago in Harlem and Alphabet City, I don't believe that they understand the true meaning of genfrication. From what I saw Kensington is a mixed neighborhood seldom seen in these New York streets today.
In East Flatbush you see Caribbeans and Senegalese take over a place with a couple of African-Americans in between; in Williamsburg , Hasidic Jews and Hipsters have a way of making you feel as if your a stranger in a strange land and will you please leave, meanwhile in Park Slope the yuppies there like to pretend that anything east of Atlantic Avenue doesn't exist.
I feel that Kensington feels and acts like a place where all are welcome, (if of course you can pay the high rents, still modest by Manhattan standards. Meanwhile I'm paying 1000.75 in East Flatbush so the rent argument that seems to crop up as one of the reasons African-Americans are getting pushed out seems to be quite weak. (Full discloser: I'm African-American/Caribbean.), and I for one would not feel uncomfortable about moving in.


Chris (R-NY) said...

I would love to have you live in Kensington, please move there...please please please..

Rosesman said...

Chris is spreading the love as usual and as an attendee of Hipters and Realtors Rule meeting he can get you a good place!

Chris (R-NY) said...

Define good place.

clueuin said...

Welcome to the Hotel California, guys! I say that because you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. Mahhhahhhhaaaa!

And o.k rosesman I'll move in but not next door. I also don't want the guys I meet to know where I live. (Or I'm going to live as the case maybe.) Sacasum, you've got to love it. ;)


Chris (R-NY) said...

We think so much alike, I don't even want people to know my real name.

clueuin said...

Whaat? You mean 'Chris' isn't your real name? I'm shocked 'chris' I'm really shocked. [Not!]
Oh ya'll I've lefted a really snazzy comment about the Church Avenue store rental issue. I think you'll likee. East side!!!!!!!

Got to go. See ya'll tomorrow.


Chris (R-NY) said...

Well I try not to tell women my last name, so I don't have to pull out.

clueuin said...

Good Morning peeps!
No fresh mouth jokes first thing in the morning, I've haven't had my coffee yet.

How else I'm I going to take a spit take?

Don't go there!


Chris (R-NY) said...

that joke was made at 7pm well within the boundaries of the FCC mandated guidelines for adult discussions.

and what the hell, your up and at your computer at 6am, jeessh. One thing I am not is a morning person.

clueuin said...

I think my computer is slow. Made it to my State mandated Job Vendor @ 8am, Chris.

O.k so you write @ night and I see your comments in the day? Pfft! W (Whatever)

Go look @ your blog, left comment there and chris,


They don't call me ClueUin for nothing.


Chris (R-NY) said...

thanks for hanging out and reading my blog, although we have different philosophies. I look forward to further discussions.

ps..i know it was a joke, i guess sarcasm doesn't come across good on the internets.

Have a good day !

- chris

clueuin said...

You too!
I Usual try to stay away from three of the taboo subjects that polite society dictates that you should'nt discuss. Politics, Religion, and how other people should raise their kids, (especially if your like me and you have no kids. I mean come on the first thing out of a parents mouth when you give advice to them is;"Do you have kids?" So.)
Anywho! I guess it's like what NYNerd says in her blog post we say things on the internet that we'd never say to our neighbor.
Of course sometimes you have to share your view points and of course somebody always ask you sometimes what you believe in, so you tell them and you hope no one judges you to harshly. (And usually my answer to the parents question is: "Well I have nieces and nephews and when I was a younger I had to babysit. Plus I was a child once and I get the feeling that your kid doesn't enjoy[the parent doing whatever to their kid on the bus, train, or waiting room here.])
So I guess I'm not very good at obeying socialital rules much now I'm I. ;)
Whoa! Got a little to serious there.
How about those Yakees? :)