Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Serendipity At The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

Sometimes you walk out the door heading toward a path, a destination; with no other plans but to have a good time and to emerge yourself in culture and sometimes your path leads you toward something else. Something that you never thought would happen in a million years. I went to the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center with no other thought but to catch up on the latest cultural offerings in NYC and of course write about it for you guys; my dear readers of this blog. I of course ended up with that and a whole lot more. In this posting I will report on the cultural offerings at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center as well as location and how to get there. In another posting located in my Art & Poetry blog page I will present an essays on my experience after I viewed the exhibit and met up with the founder of the Non-profit Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Yuko Nii. If your really lucky your have your on experience of Serendipity. MRClueUin

The Wiliamsburg Art & Historical located in Brooklyn, New York is a combination Exhibit Hall and New York City Historical Landmark established by Yuko Nii in late 1996 based upon her bridge concept. That concept envisions a multifaceted, multicultural art center whose mission is to coalesce the diverse artistic communities, and create a bridge between local, national and international artists, emerging as well as established artists of all disciplines. [WAH Pamplet]

I visited the exhibit center as stated in my introduction in order to relax and emerge myself in some culture. At the latest exhibit "The Animals Look Back At Us". This exhibit showcase works of artists like Sue Coe and Isabella Kirkland in which the art features animals in different mediums, (Statues, Paintings, Video Media, and Sketch Drawing.); Sara Lynn Henry is curator of this exhibit. 

"For the first time in the history of art, the animals look back at us in art imagery. Their gaze is direct, an immediate address, a one-to-one relationship. The animals are fully present in all their living wholeness, vulnerability, intensity, and even ferocity. Rather than merely there for our admiration or projected needs, they are their very own being. The artists in this exhibition are in the vanguard of a new movement, which by resonating with the inner life of animals, is opening up a vital dialogue with our fellow sentient being."  [ Exhibit Page, Author unknown, perhaps Ms. Henry herself?]

Afraid to tell ya'll all this readers but this wonderful exhibit ended Sunday, October 20, 2013 but please be sure to stop by the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center for other exhibits, shows, and events. You won't leave this enchanted place disappointed.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York 11211
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Community News: Sorry I'm late, Solar Power In Brooklyn, And Other Tidbits

(Yeah, yeah, we can play catch up later. Meanwhile I've got some news you just might like to know about.)

Solarize Brooklyn Cost -Effective Solar Power Meeting

 I was looking though my e-mail when I clicked on an e-mail from Council Member Jumaane Williams. I read thorough the all the usual announcements when I found something that delighted me. It seems that Solar Power firms are available in Brooklyn and are avaliable for all Home Owners, Landlords, and Co-op. Not to mention Local Churches as well.

Solar power can cut costs on oil, electric, and gas as well as reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth; so imagine how stoke I was when I read that there would be a meeting at my local YMCA on Wednesday hosted by Solarize Brooklyn. I went and found out all I could about Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal energy. Alas I also found that for a mere renter like myself I couldn't sign up but don't think I won't try and convince my Landlord to. (Maybe I could focus on how much money he'll save then he'll do it. I sure know I want to save money on my Con Edison bill. It's either that or try to get a bank loan, ha ha.)

Solarize Brooklyn was organized by two local groups, Sustainable Flatbush and Sustainable Kensington Windsor Terrace. It is completely led by volunteers that want to help their neighbors go solar. (For more info see their website. . Bottom Paragraph)

Their next meeting is at Flatbush Library address 72 Linden Boulevard, on Tuesday July 2nd. Go to their website to sign up to reserve your seat. BYOSB (Bring Your Own Snacks And Beverages)

Free Concerts In Brooklyn

This summer something cool is happen at Prospect Park. ( Yeah,no it's not the weather. Heh, heh!) Free concerts! BRIC is sponsoring concerts at the Bandshell in Prospect Park. Go to to check out which of your favorite bands are playing. BYOSB.

More to come
 I wish I could explain to you how much I wish I had more free time to write to my blog readers but alas I can not for it would take a book. However I will write when I can with lots of things that are going on in NYC as well as continue to give you the 411 on what's going on in my life. Stay tuned and please read my other blog pages. Peace ba-bies!


Monday, November 26, 2012

MRClueUin Is On Youtube

Ever read any of my blog articles (anyone?) and started to wonder what I look like? Well now here is your chance to get on the ground floor of an exciting new project. MRClueUin's Vlog is now up and running on Youtube. It started as a fan response to Charles St. Micheal's Vlog show 'Iliketosayfuckalot' and now I'm uploading opinions, poems, and a whole lot more!

So if you ever gave two cents to knowing how I feel about things going on in the world and my own inner world here's your chance! (Come down don't you all rush in at once. Don't want to crash the internet do we? LOL) No seriously, give it a chance and if you like it Click Like and then Subscribe. I'll try not to bug everybody on air to do so but I make no promises. I mean I'd really like it if some people watched. I am a shy person really and this took a lot of courage for me to do this. So Like, Comment, Subscribe, or just come by to watch my new Vlog. MRClueUin is on Youtube!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wit, wisdom, Oh Heeeeeeelp!

 Oh hey! Your probably wonder wtf have I been all these months. Well in short surviving and doing a pretty sucky job at it as usual. Remember all those great ideas I had for improving this blog. I even had a "Friend" of mine doing some nice essasys on Media. Heard of her? Media Gurl ringing any bells? Well anyway thanks to all my viewers and one followers for at least taking a peek at my musings on my blog. And I would like to apologize but I can't because when it comes to survival you kinda get one track minded about such things as eating, sleeping, paying bills, and trying not to go crazy. You would have thought that having a blog would insure that!

So I have been on the Internet doing many, many, things. Looking for work, writing my book, and watching way, way, too much Youtube. So to balance things out; for my motto is to help people stretch their parameters, I decide to every once and awhile show you things on the Internet that aren't all just gross cartoons, porn, and delightful nut jobs yakking their mouths off.

Such as Mike Falzone. He is one funny mofo that cracks me up with his insightful humor and hipster like good looks. (Though he is so not a hipster by any means.) Mike plays with his band Mike And The Peppermint Trick. He also does cover songs on Youtube as well. It's kinda hard to describe his music style but I liken it to some Indie pop stuff I've heard. Could be wrong. Somebody tell me if so. All in all he has a smooth singing voice and plays his guitar like a pro man! So check that out too.

So why do I have this sudden urge to tell you about this guy? Well I have been watching his videos for a while when I came on to his video named: Sweet Car Bro. At the end he asked his viewers to either buy his book at this site: Full site addy at the left of this article. Some people asked him if his book was out on e-readers and he was like "Yeah go to this site and while your there repost on you site or post a direct link and get some money every time somebody buys his book.

If I wasn't just scraping by on FS and prayer I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But as it is all I can do is spend sometime telling you about this funny guy with the nice singing voice. So if you can buy his book and hopeful I can get enough money to buy some groceries and pay off my Wi-Fi bill. May not sound so important but without your help I can't write blogs or sell my book. (Which is coming out this Winter by the way. Tell you about that later.) and Mike Falzone certainly needs the money to fuel his artistic ambitions as well. Can't entertain all you lovely viewers if Artist like our selves are to busy trying to find jobs to pay the rent though and that is just a fact of life.

So help me help Mike and other artist by clicking on that site then buying his book. If not from me then from somebody else cause I think his book just might justify the 12.50. did I mention he is a funny mofo? LOL

I have found out that in order to expand your horizons and go beyond your front door you don't even have to leave your front door. So go on to YouTube and discover what's out there. Then slowly walk away from your computer and go outside. Like Doctor Who #11 said when he saw what was on Jeff's laptop. "Get a girlfriend Jeff!". In some cases a boyfriend or something. Go out if you've got the extra spending cash and see what's out there. I sure wish I could.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Youhoo! Nathan Over here! ;)

Sorry I haven't been writing in as much. However this isn't really going to be a new article I'm afraid. Just a shout out to a fellow writer to whom I gave a bit of a boost too today. Then he did the nicest thing ever! Upload a video to thank me!

I had to straighten a few things, well one thing really, about me. Giggle! Due to the fact that I really didn't think that my internet and blog handle would cause so much confusion. Really who would have thought that the initials of my first and last name would have everyone so mixed up? (So cheer up Nathan your not the first to make that error. LOL)

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I would like to give a shout out to the future Grammy Winner for best Lyrics----Nathan L. (That's N.L. to you all! LOL Little joke, very little.) Cheers buddy!

M.R. ClueUin

P.s I've also responded. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Gurl, Where The Heck Have You Been?- A Year In Review

Gurl, Where The Heck Have You Been?- A Year In Review

Gurl, where the heck have you been?! Is probably what you have all been asking whenever you peep at my blog. If not congratulations you have a life or have found a better blog to read. Can’t say I would blame you as I have been totally out of it since August. However if you do have a life and think my blog was worth reading I sincerely apologize for being remiss in keeping this blog up to date.

I have a lot of excuses and at least two good reasons for being hello late, lame, and lazy. One of my reasons were that I am a writer and if this blog was my only project you guys (and my one follower) would have a really good reason to be pissed. (However your mileage may vary.) At any rate I have been trying to complete a short story that I have been working on for the last, oh let’s see, four years or more. What better time to focus than when you’re unemployed, receiving unemployment, and have time in between updating your resume and sending all over the place? Oh yes times are tough but it takes more than economical downturn to get this girl down! LOL

So there I was trying to keep up my major tough writing schedule when I realize that I hadn’t updated my blog! I swear to all that is holy in this world that I was just about to hunker down and do some research when major bills came along. Remember when I promised a new exciting feature where I would go around town and take pictures of so-called fashions for real women then make comments? Yeah, couldn’t take pictures if I couldn’t buy a digital camera now could I? Con Ed must be paid and life is a bitch till you learn to smell the roses!

Seriously, I wish I could have because I saw this really bitchin’ outfit up by Atlantic Avenue at this boutique and would have really, really, loved to take a picture of it to show to my audience…..of apparently one follower and whoever glanced at my blog and then decided to find something more interesting. (No I’m not whining, sniff.) Anyways, I’m really sorry about that one. The second reason? Well, this is going to sound really lame but if you’ve ever had a mid-fall flu cold then you probably will sympathize. I was as sick as a dog! Could not write even an e-mail so much as a snippet of a blog much less work on my short story. L

So now of course comes the lamest of excuses, while I was sick I got hello bored and decide to rise up out of my bed and surf the net. I decided to find out what to do on the internet when bored at a site that right now I can’t remember the name but I know another woman wrote so I blame her. Her site recommended that I watch old Doctor Who episodes. Being low at heel and only being able to afford to pay for my internet service, (shut up), I had no way to afford to go down to my local movie rental store; heck much less be able to play the thing considering I didn’t have a DVD player or a laptop with the latest Cd-Rom attachment. (Shut up I’m not cheap, I could only afford a net book. Yeah, I know, shut up!)

What did I do? Well I surfed the net and came to many sites that offered for a small fee or no fee at all many, many, Doctor Who episodes. So I picked some episodes off of the Amazon.Com website. (They we’re offering a one month trail of Prime membership. Big mistake will tell you later about it)  The rest as they say is history as I got lost in Time, Space and Christopher Eccleston’s smile! Then David Tennant then Matt Smith and all my favorite old time Time Lords. Then of course I had to go on Youtube.Com to learn even more fan stuff and it went down hill from there.

There is this cool guy from Great Britain named MrTardis and he has a Youtube page called “MrTadisReviews” from there I got other Youtube recommendations and started watching this hello funny guy called “The Nostalgia Critic”. OMG, that was one of the coolest three months ever spent by the internet! What was not cool was I was only sick for three weeks in September! So lame! I’m sorry but I will make it up to you. How?

Well two ways. One- I will give you these entertaining guys and gals Youtube and web addresses so you two can lose all your valuable extra-time watching them and Two- Load a clip of Doctor Who. Not much of an apology gift to be sure which is why I am also going outside in the cold to take pictures with my net book and start on other blogs! I swear and I’m sorry and Oh…
…Happy New Year!


The Nostalgia Critic: & Search

Doctor Who:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm back. did you miss me? New Stuff from MRCLUEUIN.

Hi everyone in the blogospere! I'm back and my one follower can finally breath a sigh of relief. (That's if he's still following me.) Now if you are new you'll figure out why. (Look at article below.)
If my old follower is still following, then he'll know too. (Thanks in advance for any possible condolences.)
Meanwhile back at the ranch while I was feeling bummed for obvious reason; I was still constantly thinking of possible essay articles to write. Lucky for me politics have been a buzz with many a new issue. It seems it's a buzz a minute with the Middle East, 2012 Election Candidates, and Health Care, etc. Focused on that for two reasons, one always interested in what's going on in the world, two my Dad was the reason why I'm like that and I thought it would be a cool way to honor him.
But if anybody was thinking I was sitting around glum and crying all the time just don't know me. Did that eight months, stopped thought about Dad some more, laughed at all the good times we had, felt sad, then started distracting myself like a motherfucker. So of course like shiny keys to a baby I got distracted but good by this really good game online. Then I thought about the kind of man my father was and what he wanted for me. So I meditated on that and decided to get back in the saddle.
So to that end here are some new titles to look forward to in the coming weeks. (That's right I said weeks not three months out of the year went I poke my head out and see what's up to write about. Aren't you lucky?)

My New Life With Second Life! - My brand new obsession, Second Life! This virtual reality game that has been around for ages and discovered it like it was brand new. There is so much more fun and excitement in this game that it's more fun the a cluster of shiny keys. Of course since this game is full of game players who control their avatars and talk with other game players it's more than your usual game. Drama? Oh yeah! Cool clothes? Natch! Adventure? A whole butt load! Is it free? To start and as long as you can stand it before you break down and buy the premium menu, yeah. Intrigued? Good then maybe if you stop by you might break down and read the new page that will tell you all about it then won't you? Heh, heh, heh!

Real Fashion For Real Woman- Hard enough to be a large size woman in this city but when the fashionistas finally got the 411 on the fact that fat chicks like cool clothes they decided to do to us what they've been doing to you skinny minnies out there. Offer clothes that no one in there right mind would wear on the regular, (or for that matter on any occasion), anybody wearing shiny silver triangles on there faux fur faux leather jackets lately? No? I didn't think so. So on top of trying to see what's the 411 in the city that we love, New York; I'll be taken shots of real woman wearing fashionable clothes that make sense and of course making fun of all the crazy shit I see out there that the fashionistas out there think we women should be wearing. Let's go get 'em girls!

So much to write and so little unemployment cash to spend on carfare to go see them. So if your passing by how about bookpaging all this mess and give little ole MR a shout out, o.k? Peace!