Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Little Slice of Poetry.

Here is a small sampling of some of my poems.
I also write Short Stories but more about that later.

Issues #1


(You Figure it out!)

Issues #2

First there was the Void.
Then there was the Word.
Then there was God.
Then there was the Universe.
Then there were the Planets.
Then there were the Waters.
Then there were the Plants.
Then there were Animals (lets not forget the dinosaurs).
Then there were Human Beings.
Then there began Civilizations.
With Cites, Farms, and Suburbs.
Then there came Wars.
Then there came Births.
Then there came Death, practically cousin to the void.
And then there came confusion because where in all
Of this does Chaos come in?
I’m confused.

Issue # 3

You see what you want to see.
You say whatever you want to say.
You believe what you want to believe.
And no one can tell you otherwise.
But you can't tell me who I am
No matter what!

No Apologies

No Apologies
I turned my head.
The Apology was on my lips.
But then you were to rude to admit,
that accidents can happen.
No Apologies

There is a fight for my soul.
Let me know who’s winning.

Trying to catch the spirit

Went to Church the other day.
Had me some church yesterday.
It was a Wedsday Prayer Meeting.
They call it something else but
No matter what they call it,
It was an old-fashion prayer meeting.

Trying to catch the spirit.
What a funny thought!
Made me think of a person
Trying to jump up and down
With there hands out stretched
Trying to catch a pale ghost
That is going around the room.

Well there I was singing
And a praying when I
Couldn’t help noticing
A lot of people jumping
Up and down. The usual
Hand waving and sing
And repeating that would
Usually go on at one of
Those storefront churches.

Trying to catch the Spirit.
Huh, more like grabbing
at a ghost that wasn’t
there. It wasn’t that I
was cynical or anything.
Just mildly annoyed.

I felt like it was peer pressure
at it’s best and worst.
I wanted to have the ghost
fill my soul but all I could
feel was gladness for the company
and the joy of enjoying the music.
Sang as if I had it though.

“Give me that old tyme religion, give
me that old tyme religion, that filled
me way back when.”

Kind of made me feel lefted out
there for a minute then I felt I’d failed
somewhat. Till then something came
over me. Disgust (at myself) and bemusement
(at some others). I was enjoying myself wasn’t I?
Let others jump up and pretend that they were
catching ghosts. My ghost was in my joy

Trying to catch the spirit.


Chris (R-NY) said...

cool musings, can't wait to read more.

clueuin said...

Tanks. :)