Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm back. did you miss me? New Stuff from MRCLUEUIN.

Hi everyone in the blogospere! I'm back and my one follower can finally breath a sigh of relief. (That's if he's still following me.) Now if you are new you'll figure out why. (Look at article below.)
If my old follower is still following, then he'll know too. (Thanks in advance for any possible condolences.)
Meanwhile back at the ranch while I was feeling bummed for obvious reason; I was still constantly thinking of possible essay articles to write. Lucky for me politics have been a buzz with many a new issue. It seems it's a buzz a minute with the Middle East, 2012 Election Candidates, and Health Care, etc. Focused on that for two reasons, one always interested in what's going on in the world, two my Dad was the reason why I'm like that and I thought it would be a cool way to honor him.
But if anybody was thinking I was sitting around glum and crying all the time just don't know me. Did that eight months, stopped thought about Dad some more, laughed at all the good times we had, felt sad, then started distracting myself like a motherfucker. So of course like shiny keys to a baby I got distracted but good by this really good game online. Then I thought about the kind of man my father was and what he wanted for me. So I meditated on that and decided to get back in the saddle.
So to that end here are some new titles to look forward to in the coming weeks. (That's right I said weeks not three months out of the year went I poke my head out and see what's up to write about. Aren't you lucky?)

My New Life With Second Life! - My brand new obsession, Second Life! This virtual reality game that has been around for ages and discovered it like it was brand new. There is so much more fun and excitement in this game that it's more fun the a cluster of shiny keys. Of course since this game is full of game players who control their avatars and talk with other game players it's more than your usual game. Drama? Oh yeah! Cool clothes? Natch! Adventure? A whole butt load! Is it free? To start and as long as you can stand it before you break down and buy the premium menu, yeah. Intrigued? Good then maybe if you stop by you might break down and read the new page that will tell you all about it then won't you? Heh, heh, heh!

Real Fashion For Real Woman- Hard enough to be a large size woman in this city but when the fashionistas finally got the 411 on the fact that fat chicks like cool clothes they decided to do to us what they've been doing to you skinny minnies out there. Offer clothes that no one in there right mind would wear on the regular, (or for that matter on any occasion), anybody wearing shiny silver triangles on there faux fur faux leather jackets lately? No? I didn't think so. So on top of trying to see what's the 411 in the city that we love, New York; I'll be taken shots of real woman wearing fashionable clothes that make sense and of course making fun of all the crazy shit I see out there that the fashionistas out there think we women should be wearing. Let's go get 'em girls!

So much to write and so little unemployment cash to spend on carfare to go see them. So if your passing by how about bookpaging all this mess and give little ole MR a shout out, o.k? Peace!