Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A 411 Tidbit-National Stay at home week

Next week in National Stay at home week. (No I did not make this up folks!)
Now it beats me why anyone would want to stay at home, (says the person who likes staying at home and reading instead of going out to bars and such for booze and a bad pick up line. LOL), but in case you do here are some friendly suggestions to do while your staying at home.

If you've got kids
Buy lots and lots of bored games. Parcheesi, Monopoly, whatever! Because if you think you're going to convince your kids to stay at home and not watch t.v you're out of your blinking minds!
I babysat my sister's two boys, (for no reason apparently because I was informed quiet clearly by my sister's teen age young adult girls that they do it quiet well and that I wasn't needed. Thank you very much.), and believe me even with the T.V on those little hamburgers still found their way into trouble. One of them even banged into the t.v thereby messing up the cable reception, twice! (And they wonder, my mom and aunt mostly; and are asking me why don't I have kids. Huh!)

If your a couple (with no kids)
Go for a walk. (See blog post below.)
Some of my most romantic times with my boyfriend in High School was when we would walked to the park then find a park bench to snuggle at. (Good times! Sigh.)
Make love
Had a boyfriend in college. He had a one track mind. Great for when your bored and have nothing to do, not so great when your trying to study for exams. But since I don't think that my audience have the same issues that I was having, go ahead, knock yourself out!
Play Strip Poker
Fun game, don't invite the friends over. O.k?
Watch T.V
After all it's not National Don't watch T.V Month. What you want to make love like minks all week! What you don't have to go to work or something! LOL

If your alone
Ok as far as I can see you can do one or two things.
1. Go out, get drunk, or get a guy. (Haven't done that since 5 yrs ago. Wasn't all that great. Drunk sex=Bad Sex. (Hence the not looking for a man phase for the last 5yrs after that. Celibacy aian't it grand! Sigh!)
2. Read a book or watch T.V

Well enjoy your PC sponsored holiday folks, I'll be back tomorrow with some 411 on where to go and what to do here in good ole NYC. (Outside of course!) ;)

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