Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Jackie Watter And her Fabulous Cakes!

Hey ya'll we inturrupt this blogcast to bring you this current story. My friend Codie has this wonderful mother, Jackie Watter. Now I didn't realize how wonderful till I heard about this beautiful women's business savvay.
Now in the interest of full discloser I haven't tasted Ms. Watter's Carrot Cake. (Nevermind I'm not exactly objective when it comes to my friend Codie and anything or anybody connect with her right? Full discloser! Just listen to me huh?) But hey I know that Ms. Watter is a smart and savvay lady and is one strong black women to boot!
So that I won't be accused of being to close to the story I will direct you to this website. And then you tell me if this gal aian't a genius!

(Seen it yet? She's a genius isn't she?)