Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Now that I have shared the joy, I am now going to share some news.
When I started writing this blog I decided to only focus on local stuff that
was fun but being a daughter of a politically sensitive father has it's downside. :/
So as a result of things current and past I've decided to dedicate a page just for
my political rantings. Believe it or not though I will be just as tough on my democratic
friends as my Republican neighbors so don't worry I won't be totally partisan.
As it is my new leader Obama won't want me to be that way and remember friends I
have issues with the U.S goverment at large so Washington you are on notice. Just
one more citizen that will be voicing her opinion and will be on your case if you don't get
you hands out of every U.S Citizens pockets and your hand out to every lobbiest with an
How I am going to do this and write in this blog and my poetry blog as well? With a lot of weekends and coffee folks, with a lot of weekends and coffee folks. I've got a job too so you might not hear from me as much. But since my current audience is about four people, I think Chris, NY Nerd, Ron Lopez, can hang in there for a bit.
One more time before the Brooklyn Public Libarary in Flatbust kicks me out.

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