Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Guy in the Tie

I wrote this two weeks ago, it was such an odd and interesting thing that happen to me so I thought I share. It's a two parter because I'm a very busy woman of late folks. Enjoy!....

It was just an ordinary day in the life of this intrepid writer. You would probably think that nothing in this diva's life is ordinary buy go with me on this. ( I mean I don't start the day with blue birds singing out my window, with squirrels and chipmunks getting me dressed. Me calling myself a diva is a state of mind after all. No champagne and caviar for this girl I'm afraid.) Any way back to my ordinary day.

I mean it was a slightly special day for me but that's not saying much because it was payday. Which in and of itself is not so special to the many people who receive paychecks on a weekly and bi-weekly biases. This being my first paycheck after a drought of no paycheck made my day a special ordinary day.

Well as I wended my way thur the thoroughfare of Union Square my stomach full of hamburger and french fries from University Resturant and my pocketbook fill with cash from my meager but well needed paycheck; I met an special but ordinary man. I will refer him in this writing as the Guy in the Tie. You'll see why later.

To this day, (and from this hour that I write this), I still don't know what made me stop and listen much less continue to talk to the man. Perhaps it was the way this many approach me with a compliment to my hair. Quite gregariously with a sweet smile on his benign face. "I just love your hair it's so beautiful, with the red and the black. Oh!" He said, this Guy With The Tie.

Why would I be taken in by such blatant compliments? I wonder; was it because I was wearing a wig and was subconsciously worried that it wasn't up to my usual standards? I had trouble combing it . (Ever try to comb a wig without a wig stand folks?) Anyway I was enjoying the compliment and felt it cam from an honest place despite the appeal to my vanity. Don't get it twisted of course I'm a quintessential New Yorker. I was going to take my complement and run. A quick pace nod and smile then I would wend my way to my next destination. A new french Pastry shop,, neo-french I believe, called Pasterrie. Then off to Barnes & Noble. A regular New Yorker would smile, nod, and stave off the Guy with the tie for fear of the other shoe dropping. The con, the gag, the mugging, the proselytizing, that may come if we stay and gab with complimentary strangers.

But then even though I am a quintessential New Yorker, I have an unusual proclivity to an unusual personality quirk; I just love a good conversation.

So after I smile at him and said as I laughed;

"Thank you, your so sweet!" As I said I was going to go on my way when he followed up with another compliment bomb. " Oh and such a lovely laugh. Did anyone ever tell you that? Look at you and such a lovely smile!" He went on and on in that vein till he told me that he wanted to know me better.

Now before I go on I must do due justice to this man and the situation I found myself in. First I will describe him, then I'll explain how I ended up talking with him at one of the many obsequious Starbucks in Manhattan. (This one across from Union Square Park next door to a McDonalds.)

The Guy in the tie was an elderly gentleman of average height wearing a blue shirt with white paid stripe, wearing a red tie that had gold colored Teddy bear and clocks; I remembered that his shoes were brown and that he wore glasses. Tied together with neat gray hair parted to the side and you can see that even though I was taken aback a little by this man's shock and ahhh barrage of compliments, I still found myself staying around to see where this was going.

.....Stay tuned there's more next week!

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