Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Guy with the Tie (Part 2)

I've decided to make this a three parter, partly because my hand is tired and partly because I'm so busy with work that I can barely think straight. Even though I don't have much of a readership as it stands. I just could let an incident like this go by without imputting it in for posterity. So future readers enjoy! M.A.R

You see at first I thought he was a part of this table I had passsed that was giving out fashin tips for free. I had passed that table on my way to the median where he was standing. So for awhile there I thought that he was with them. When of course all he did was give me compliments on my hair, smile, and laugh my secound thought was; "I hope this old guy in't trying to pick me up. (Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing but respect for the elderly and if a guy in't over 55 there is no problem with me dating somebody near the line. I 'm talkin g 54 and under within a year shy of his 55 birthday. What do you think? Too picky? Anyhoo!

He was in his sixties if he was a day to my eyes and he wasn't trying to pick me up. (Later on he said he was 75 years old. Well put together I'd say. Still athough cute still not my type.) The Guy in the Tie said as much as I tried to extrivate myself from tje man with the twikle in his eyes.

He wasn't quite thur with me however. After he assured me that he wasn't trying to pick me up he explained that he just wanted to talk to me because I looiked like such an interesting person and that he loves to talk to interesting people. The Guy with the Tie also mentioned that he was always that way and that's why he wnet into radia when he was younger. As much as I was in crudules about his so -call interests in getting to know a perfect stranger I could quite believe that he was in radio. He had an affable voice that lent itself to a relaxed conversational tone. I say this pass tense because when I had asked him if he was still in radio; still think that maybe he was working for the ladies at the table; he said no, that he was retired.

So what I had here was a mystery tio solve. Who was this guy if he wasn't with those Free Fashionistas behind me? Why was he talking to me, the fact of my gorgouness non-withstanding? What is his game? There had to be a con of something. If so I could'nt wait to turn him down flat. Cute old man or no cute old man I would give it to him with both barres, Brooklyn Style! Finally in the cavacade of mystery I had one more question that needed asking. How come he was out here walking up to people in the street, his quest for interesting people non-withstanding.

So was it my curiosity and thirst to uncover the mask behind this seemly benign elderly gentle man? (Because he was for all intents and purposes a gentleman of the highest order.) I had to find out. So when he asked me if we could find someplace to sit down and talk some more after some pointed questions about what , I do for a living. (Hey quid pro quo people, I did ask about him first!) I went with him across the street to one of the many obsequious Starbucks. (This one was next to a McDonald's.) 

What happen next? Boy can't you wait to find out! I mean this little ole true life short story is beginning to take on epic proportions! It's like a saga already! Whooo! Meanwhile I've haven't seen any comments on it. Not even a "Are you nuts!" In case anybody's concerned I'm still alive. Pfft. Tune in next month! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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