Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I almost drank the Primerican Kool-Aid

O.k so I'm not feeling well and because of this I'm gonna make this post short and sweet. (O.k stop clapping!)

Friday I went to a job interview. (I know! Bet you thought I was just an unpublished author. Nope, unemployed too!) Anyhoo, I went thinking that this was going to be the interview that would drag me out of temporary poverty and solve all my problems. Problem was when I got there I found out that it was for a commission sales job to sell life, mortgage, and health insurance.

I expect that you expect that I was pissed right? Right. I almost left but for one thing; I needed to prove to some people that I was actually looking for work and not goofing off. (Note the fact that I'm writing a blog when I should be on Craiglist.com!) So I went back in there. (Shaaaat Upppp!)

First thing that happen was that I poke my head back in there to see if my interviewer was there. Nope. Perhaps she was in the office next door. Went next door and low and behold they told me to go one floor down. Sh---- was in her office so I sat down next to a girl. Asked her if she knew what this was about, she said that "Umm, I don't know I just got this in my e-mail and I've sent out so many resumes that I don't know if I've sent one out to these people or not."
(Cue inner eyebrow raised ascrew and while your adding answer this question. How many of you guys and gals out there have done the same thing? Come on admit it! 'Chris, raise your hand! There's a fellow.)

"Uh, huh, me too. I'm mean my Aunt took down the number and gave it to me but Sh---- didn't say what this was in reference to." I said smiling dopely.

Speed thur twenty minutes later and two flights of stairs later and we're up in that same empty room that I had poked my head through. Sh---- said that she was waiting for some more people to come in so while we wait we can watch a movie. (Just in case you care it was : "Pirates, The Adventure of the black pearl." Or something like that. Who care?! Moving on!)

Hey have you heard of the rule of 72? O.K look if you put money in your bank account at let's say 4%, (Shaat up!), well if you keep it in there say for oh I don't know, let's say eighteen years you savings would be at $20,000 dollars. Sounds nice, huh? Well it isn't because at 6% in twelve years it would be at $20,000 dollars. Sounds like you'd get your money's worth then wouldn't you? Well your wrong. Here it is ladies and gentlemen the secert that banks won't tell you. (What else is new, Clue?) That they take your money and lend it out or whatever and the money they get back goes into an account that get's this: 12% interest! Wow.

So that is what I was inudated with for about an hour. You can figure out the math for your self if your buying this. I may of course sound cynical now but for about 20 minutes I was buying it. (I almost drank the Kool-aid people!) Then came the big finish!

For just about 99 dollars you can get a license to sell Life Insurance and et al. because of course it's illegal to sell life insurance in New York without a license. (Of course.) And all you have to do is take a couple of course and your on your way to financial security. Just as long as your willing to bug the hell out of your friends, relatives, and neighbors to buy from you!

They were this close to having me sign up except for one thing. Don't have 99 dollars and need a steady paying gig in order to give them 99 dollars. Plus I don't have that many friends, relatives, and neighbors to bug and I have a crazy feeling that if I want to keep these same friends, neighbors, and relatives; (Yes even my Jamaican ones. Hey my mom and aunt are great cooks what can I say?!), that I better just nod my head sanguinely, slowly put my coat on, politely ask for a card, and get the hell out of dodge while the getting was good.

Well at least I had an interesting afternoon afterwards. But more about that tomorrow. My head hurts. (Not for the above reasons. T.V, all night, haven't been watching because lights were out. Nevermind!)

See you next time!


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