Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food for thought: My weekend sourjourn via the 37 Bus.

Good day, everybody! I'm back and although I'm feeling somewhat better from the headache from hell I am still a little foggy. So please forgive me if the details from this weekend aren't very clear.

However there are somethings that stick out from my mind so much that I just had to share it with my reading audience. (All three of them. [Smirk.] )

It happen after my interview with Primerica, [Shudder.] Afterwards I left and went outside where I discovered that I was on the same street that the 103 Bus travels. "Oh, wow!" I remember saying. "This looks like the street the 103 bus passes by when I ride it in the mornings. Oh, look there is the little side street that the bus turns on as it goes toward the highway." Little did I know that there would be more surprises in store for me as the afternoon went by.

I thought that all I had to do was to walk down the block until I saw the 103 bus stop. I walked until I reached Jay Street-Borough Hall (or maybe it was 4 ave. don't really recall), stopping only to buy some pretzels and some soda at this corner store one block before it. All the while looking out for the 103 Bus Stop. I walked passed that block and still didn't see the bus stop so I turned down the block that has the 75 and the 77 bus. Then I walked, walked some more, and walked till I reached 9th Street. When I spotted the 103 limited bus coming down the street. Only one problem......

No 103 bus stop. In fact if I wanted one I would have to walk three more blocks down 9th street near Alantic Avenue. As it was I was in no mood to walk three more blocks. "Oh, look there is this bus stop! I wonder where it goes." I said to myself. It was the 37 bus. Now at this point if I haven't lost your attention your problaly thinking; why should I care?! (O.k people stop pounding your head on your desk for a minute and I will tell ya!)

Because that's when things got interesting, I road on this bus and after a while I figured I was on the wrong one. Of course I didn't know whether to ride it out or get off. As it was the deciding factors were the bad bus driving and the level 3 crazy person behind me muttering to herself. (O.k everybody mutters to themselfves, even I do it from time to time but it was what she was muttering about, 'The dog ate my peanut butter, the is something in the water and they're in my head.) So bye, bye, crazy lady! Hello 9th Street and where the hell I'm I?! (LOL).

Found myself in an interesting place full of highway overpasses, Warehouses, and (now here's the pay off) live chicken slaughter houses! What the fcuk! I thought those things were only at some place in Spanish Harlem in Manhattan! Coooooool! (Hey, I'm part Jamacian and my late grandmother own a small farm. These things facinate me, o.k?!)
There were two of them that I noticed, one of them was this Korean owned place, didn't here any chickens squawking inside. (Bad thing, good thing? I guess it depends on whether your a vegeterian or not. ;) ) The other was a Halal Mulism type place, nope didn't go in. Then I walked all the way to 39 street where I say a Costco! (Sing it along with me people, A Cost-----co!)

Never been in one myself, oops I lie I might have been in that type of place when I was in Florida but I don't remember when exactly. But it made my heart soar when I found this Costco on 39 Street and 3rd Aveune. I also found the #35 bus that took me to Church Avenue and the Q Train. So now I know how to get there. (Yeah, me!) Oh, wait now you do too. (Wasn't that worth the long story?) O.k tune in next time when I write to you about my relationship with food and connect you with my other blog with two poems that express how I feel about food. (As if you haven't figured it out from the Yeah, Costco statement.) ;)


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