Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Facebook Rocks! Or My Love Letter to Facebook

OMG! You just can't believe it happens to you till it happens.
I mean I've heard all the stories, read all the articles, and I just thought it was just good PR on behalf of Facebook. I mean really you don't see stuff like this everyday and when it happens wow!
My day started like every other day. I mean one minute I'm at my Job Search Room at the podunk HRA supported agency on my computer. Now they keep on telling me and my other job search participants that we should use the computer for job search only. (That's why even though my Case Manager is a part-time actor and would really love this site I can't show it to him because he'll do his job and report my ass.) But as it was beep that I mean I'm only here for a job training course in order to get my licence to become a Security Guard. (Don't ask! Need money, steady job, etc.) So looking for work isn't going to take up must time. However the point is that we're allowed to be in our e-mail so that we can send resumes and stuff so there I was when it happen.

I was looking through my e-mail when I saw the subject line: 'Codie G------ is requesting to be your friend on Facebook. No other important words meant so much to me as to see her name on a subject line requesting to be my friend. A little back story:
When I was a young hip wanna be writer and artist (unlike now when I'm a late 30's gonna be writer and artist.) I moved in with my Dad while going to college. My Dad had moved to Harlem shortly after his separation from his long time live-in girlfriend. (Him 55, she 60 something. It's a story, I'll tell ya later) Anyhoo, we moved from Hell's Kitchen to Harlem to this one bedroom apartment. My Dad sleeping in the living room and me with a bedroom all to myself. For a couple of months this was bliss and I just left dorm life and boy wasn't that a big waste of a college loan! (Again, you might hear more of this in another post.) Well, as I can recall it was the Fall of 93 or so and I was just sitting on the steps in front of our apartment building when this medium height chocolate brown gal in braids stepped into my life with one hand full of shopping and another hand holding this adorable toe-head child of hers. At the time I was pretty bummed. It was my 1 st year here in Harlem and I lived in a building full of either ultra shy or really stuck up people, (depending on who you finally got to say 'good morning' to), and I was really lonely and self-conscious. It didn't stop me however from being the over-friendly cuss that was the bane of my mother when I was a child. For me the saying a stranger is a friend you just haven't met yet was not just words it was a blooming lifestyle!
Anyhoo! There she was coming down the stairs and there I was sitting on the stairs. I immediately remember my manner that were drummed into me by both parents at separate time in my life and got up to give her and her sweet toddler some room to go down the stairs.
I said "Excuse me " or something like that and then preceded to open the apartment building door for her. She said "Thank you. Your so kind" or something to that affect and we both went into the building together.

At this point as we waiting for the elevator and since nature and Clueuin (M.R) abhor a vacuum I started to blather. "Your new here? I have just moved here." And other pleasantries that I this point in my life I'm lucky to remember my own name much less what was said 16 years ago. All I do remember is we just started gabbing like we were old friends forever or something. I cooed at her son, she told me that she lived in the building for quite sometime, and schooled me on the inhabitants of the building. I told her about my downstairs neighbor who hated me and my Dad and took every opportunity to complain about the so called noise I was making and about living with my Dad. And she said just the right thing, that my neighbor was a stuck up bitch and my Dad sounded like a sweetheart. (Leaving crumbs on the counter and collecting cans and putting them in the closet non-withstanding. But hey I loved him and still do.)
I just thought though that Codie was the coolest, smartest (street smart), funniest person I ever met and she made me feel like I was the coolest, smartest (book smart), funniest person she ever met. It was if God said "Honey I know you miss your dear departed sister Beverly and I know no one can replace but how about this kid as your friend and companion." And said after knowing her a few years till she moved.

Oh the times we had! We laughed, we cried, we both yelled at her boyfriend when he was acting up, and tease him unmercifully when he was being funny. (And that was a lot, Anthony was one crazy cuse!) It was like every other day I was at her apartment laughing, sharing, and occasionally drinking the night away. (Hey sometimes the gal had to kick me out. I mean a gal gotta sleep sometimes. LOL.) Then she had to move down south and I was the most bummed creature on earth. I cried, she cried, the boy cried, we all cried, but she had to go. Codie had her son to think of and she needed a better life than what she was living then. I still had the crazy idea that my life would be perfect if only I had my own apartment. (Pfft. Who knew?) I was thinking that she was the luckiest person on earth and I was going to be stuck living with my Dad (as nice as he was/is) and going from job to job without getting published which was/is my dream. Now I didn't even have a best friend to chat with. I had her new phone # (which years later I lost) but it wouldn't be the same. I thought.
So that is the brief saga of meeting my bestest friend in the whole wide world next to my step-sister (whom I will always call my sister) Beverly. Here in lies the rest of my Facebook saga which had me reunited with my soul sista:

So where was I? Oh yeah on the Internet, looking at my e-mail, and finding that friend request in the subject line. It took all the discretion and strength I had not to jump up and scream. ('Cause I didn't want to get busted.) I immediately went to Facebook while shiftily looking from my screen to my case mgr.'s desk in order to contact my soul sista with the quickness. I accepted her as my friend, she e-mail me, I e-mail her. Called her the next day and we started chatting like it was yesterday and I was in her kitchen at her apartment telling her about my day. Except now I was at my Job search center instead of her kitchen and she was oh, just 500 miles away with three kids instead of the one and that toe-headed child is now 16 years old.
I must say this I don't care what anybody has to say about Facebook the company, the President of Facebook, it's trails, tribulations, or criticisms of it in any way shape or form. I love Facebook and I will be a loyal user till I die or whenever they go out of business and close down their site. (Which I don't think will happen anytime soon, thank you very much!)
If it wasn't for Facebook I would still be search on a Internet search engine for my friend Codie (because like a dumb ass I lost her number and her mother's number) wonder what was happening in her life and thinking that she must think I'm the worst friend in the history of friendship. Which she doesn't, God bless her, she says that when ever anyone ask her about who is her best friend, Codie says M-------. I love you Codie and yeah.......


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