Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sorry, Times up! Tune in Friday for the Last Installment of Guy with Tie!

Gee, I hope all my fans got a chance to see a picture of me on my blog because as of today I'm taking it down. Already I've gotten a friend request from some guy in real estate; so  I'm thinking it's time to take it  down before we have a starker situation up in here.
Now to all my friends, fans, and such like I just like to say thank you for showing up! Sometimes you make new friends and sometimes you lose them before you get to know them better. At anyrate I just wish that some of those friends who decided to break things off would tell me why and any new friends in future to try to keep an open mind. Not every person is going to agree with every person they meet but in the end it's the caring about people period that matters.
 Well that's my soapbox speech for the day. See ya'll on Friday.


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